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    20 August at 18:54 from atlas

    Our Gelato and Sorbet is made on-site. We use the traditional method to make the Gelato (Ice Cream) which involves making the custard from scratch, aging, churning or batch freezing and finally blast freezing. Although this involves a lot of effort it is worth it to get a very high quality product.

    We have developed our own unique recipes over the last 4 years. Our Gelato and Sorbet recipes have been altered to suit Kiwi taste buds - it is no longer an Italian imitation, it is "Kiwi Gelato and Sorbet" and we are very proud of it.

    Gelato is denser than traditional Ice Cream because it has only around 30% "overrun" or air whipped in. Ice cream can be up to 50% air - that is why it is sold by the litre instead of kilo.

    Gelato contains around 6 - 7% fat, Ice Cream is generally 10% or more fat.

    Sorbet has virtually no fat and will contain between 30 to 40% fruit.

    We use local ingredients as much as possible - strawberries, boysenberries, feijoa, melon, apples etc. It is possible for us to develop unique flavours for particular customers.

    We only use the best of ingredients and steer clear of anything unnatural.

    We wholesale directly to a few restaurants and cafés


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